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How to get people to love it, as much as you do

Great influencers do just that. And whether you’re leading a team, seeking buy-in from colleagues, building client relationships or presenting to an audience – we help you to communicate with greater impact than ever before.


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Building Teams that HUM!

Learn key strategies for creating a truly supercharged team

Teams that hum have a chemistry that is the envy of everyone else. You have seen them on the sporting field or the stage because they are the teams that get to the grand final or win trophies or have hit record after hit record. They are the teams that everyone wants to emulate, if not join.  You may even have been lucky enough to be in one of these teams yourself.

What do these teams do differently to the team you work in?

What is their secret sauce?


Positive Influence: The Gentle Art of Buy-In

How to Gain....the cooperation of others to get things done and achieve success

When you have a great idea…

What do you do to get other people as interested and as enthusiastic about it as you are? 

Not just a pep talk, positively influencing someone in a way that makes them want to have a part in your plans takes more than some motivational words: it takes an approach aimed at getting buy-in.


People Leader

Learn to...manage with conviction, clarity courage and consistency

When bringing a bunch of passionate and talented individuals to a project there is an expectation that together they will be the best team: but the irony is that once we bring together those people, and put them in the complex ecosystem of a modern organisation, they can encounter any number of challenges to their work. This is the paradox of teams.

To lead this team, you need to be able to deal with whatever obstacle comes your way: you need to be intrepid.

intrepid: adjective UK /ɪnˈtrep.ɪd/ US /ɪnˈtrep.ɪd/ extremely brave and showing no fear of dangerous situations

Communicating with Impact

How to create... Impact

We have all been in a room with someone who might have had great ideas but…

...the great ideas just couldn’t tell their story in a way that made you want to know more.

In order to be good at what you do in any organisation, it’s not enough to have technical smarts and great ideas.

The vast majority of what we achieve hinges on the quality of your communication. In particular, your ability to get people’s attention and engagement and influence people to take action.


Presenting to Engage

You have a great idea and someone has given you the opportunity to talk about it.

How do you get the people in the room to love it as much as you do?

In this one-day workshop we provide insight into what an audience is thinking and what they will respond to.  Packed with techniques for calming nerves, finding your voice and physically positioning yourself to best deliver your message.

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